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We have been writing for businesses, corporations, clubs, schools, production companies and more, since 1992. During this time we have been privileged to produce hundreds of projects/tasks including:

  • Website copy: - Sites that are low in content run the risk of being assessed by Search Engines as 'dummy' or ghost sites. Without content you can be ignored by Search Engines, or worse, be shut down for inadequate information, and this can cause lots of convoluted problems. At Write-Ink we pride ourselves in capturing the 'personality' of your business through word and description. We connect with your customer base - existing and prospective and highlight your business at every opportunity.
  • Articles: - If your website contains lots of useful information that emanates from an expert within the industry, you have a greater chance of attracting visitors and potential conversions. Using the keywords that customers use in your industry will bring in leads and raise your profile as an industry authority and someone to trust. It’s also a great way in which to keep Search Engines happy as they see content-rich sites always adding more for their customers. 
  • Press Releases: - It’s easy to confuse a press release with just another article. There’s a lot more involved however and there are things you should do and things you should definitely avoid. Instead of frustrating and annoying yourself and/or your staff with the details, leaving it to the professionals is the most time-efficient and effective way in which to do this.
  • Product Information: - Properly describing your product to highlight and showcase the benefits it brings to your customer can mean the difference between high sales volumes and a lowly flicker of interest. At Write-Ink we have been successfully tapping this aspect of branding and marketing for more than twenty years. 
  • Books (Ghost Writing):- You’re at the top of your game. You know your business, the industry, the developments and the pitfalls better than almost anyone else and now you’re ready to brand yourself as the expert you know you are. But … whoa…! Where are you going to find the time to get the outlines right, research your claims, align your references and adapt your language to best suit your customers and prospects? Write-Ink has been the ‘ghost’ for many a successful business owner and we have delighted in watching that same business grow in credibility, be approached by the press for expert comments and become an authority in their own world of influence. 
  • Biographies: - There is nothing like your own story produced and told in your own words and in your own way. The uniqueness of what you bring to the world is not to be underestimated. You are wonderful in your accomplishments, learning strategies and advice to others. When you decide it’s time the world benefitted from this, Write-Ink can make it happen for you. We have told many a tale for those who knew the story was in them but struggled with the way to put it together. We can do that for you too. 
  • Training Manuals: - It’s really easy to become entwined in jargon, industry expressions and convoluted descriptions when you’re writing manuals and packages that you need your employees to understand and use on a daily basis. What often happens though, is that employees become frustrated and annoyed when they have to plough through terms and expressions they don’t understand and often become confused when they have to apply misunderstood methodologies to real-life situations. We are renowned for being able to transform difficult directions into plain English – words and terms that are generally understood in the community. Call us today and talk about what we can do for your workplace.  
  • Submissions: - When you’re always focussed on the boiling pot you can overlook many extraneous factors in your business, so when you decide you’re going to take advantage of the tenders and submissions that are available to you, it’s easy to miss what’s needed in your application. At Write-Ink we’ve brought in millions of dollars to groups, businesses, schools and more. Our attention to detail, objectivity and experience means we can really help you determine the best approaches and the most effective proofs to provide. Call us today. It could be well worth your while. 
  • Grants Applications: - Each industry has its own set of characteristic features that determine who will receive funding and why. Often times businesses/agencies fall into the very tempting trap of providing lots of information to support their story and reason for being, but soon forget to supply all of the proof necessary to convince the grant provider of their viability, resources and criteria-ready fulfilment abilities. This is where the expertise of Write-Ink comes in and assesses what is acceptable and what needs improvement. 
  • Business Documents: - Making sure your documents are ready to use in your business isn’t as easy as it may sound. Simply copying templates to suit what you think you need may not be enough. If the document is not branded, worded, presented or applied to highlight and market your business, then it’s a waste of time and money. Write-Ink devises and adapts all documents to be professionally representative of your business. 
  • Courses: - Visit our courses page and see what’s on offer this month… click here
  • Selection Criteria: - When you’re applying for THAT job, hoping for THAT grant or just needing to update your or your business’s profile and accomplishments, you must ensure that all aspects of the requirements are addressed and demonstrated. This can be confusing, daunting, unpleasant and harrowing… call us today. We’ve done this a thousand times before. 
  • Resumes: - It’s not just a matter of providing a few historic details and experiences. You need proof, demonstrated results, lists of competencies and appropriate language to sell the candidate you know is perfect – yourself. Our expertise can make this happen for you and our list of successful clients testifies to this. 
  • Executive Summaries: - When your Executive Summary MUST be accurate, descriptive, apt and professional, Write-Ink is the place to go to secure exactly these features. Give us a call today to discuss how we can best help you. 
  • Reviews: - There are times when you would really like to communicate your opinion about a product, experience, service or place. Then you discover you have neither the time nor the appropriate words with which to express your view. We can help with that. Call us. 
  • Expressions of Interest: - When you need your expression of interest or tender or submission to appear and sound ‘just right’ then stop wasting your time wondering if this is OK or that may need amending – call and we’ll be able to produce, assess, edit and present your EOI to best advantage. 
  • Real Estate write-ups: - For decades Write-Ink has been supplying marketing copy to specialist agents who deal with only top-end sales. Discover what we can do for you. 
  • Marketing Copy: - Knowing how to excite your customers about your product/service is one of the most important and complex things you can do. Knowing which hot spots to ignite, which passions to arouse and which irresistible offers to suspend before them, is down to experience, insider knowledge and training. We have been doing this for our valued clients for years. Give us a call to see what we can do for you. 
  • Client Communications: - Keeping up reasonable, frequent and informed commentary with your customers is essential to growing profits, expanding your credibility and delivering a powerful and recognisable brand. At Write-Ink we do this for our clients on a daily basis. Call us today to discuss the best ways in which we can help you communicate strongly and effectively with your clients, both current and prospective. 
  • Newsletters: - There are so many powerful ways with which to keep the communication lines open with your clients. Publishing regular newsletters for your customers does several things for you. They: Prove you want to engage with your people and that you are able to be there for them often; Raise your profile – it’s no secret that some of the most lucrative YouTube clips are those that engage with their customers (or prospects) often and in this way, become trusted experts in their industry/field. Their names or brands become known and trusted; provide the expertise and knowledge your customers are seeking. 
  • Blogs: - While some business owners select either newsletters or blogs, those who engage in both forms of communication with their customers find that their bond with customers is stronger; they receive more interaction with customers and they are able to project their knowledge and commentary on a greater range of subjects or products and all with around 500 words or so. 
  • Podcasts: - These are a wonderful way to get into the minds of your customers. When they hear your voice, your opinion and your convincing commentary they are more likely to trust what you say and follow your advice, which should end with a call to action. They are very powerful and it is no secret that most successful business leaders engage in one form of podcast or other. Write-Ink can organise the format of your podcast, write the script and advise on presentation. 
  • Business Plans: - We have been privileged enough to have worked with many clients who need to present high quality, in-depth business plans that can then be used to raise capital, convince investors and satisfy administrators. A business plan is a living document that should change and grow as the business changes and grows. Let us help you organise and develop your plan for the greater good of your business. 
  • Marketing Plans: - Just as with Business Plans, Marketing Plans are a strong and powerful way of showing interested parties how organised your business is in moving forward with the promotion of your goods or services. It’s not just about agreeing to the latest advertising special from the local paper or radio station. It can mean the difference between going under and thriving. Give us a call today to sort your plans for the next year. 
  • Proposals: - Putting yourself in the best position to present a proposal is simple intelligence (sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true). Write-Ink can not only write the script, prepare the PowerPoint presentation, add explainer videos and business videos, but it can make the whole thing a coordinated, strong and effective representation of the potency of what you have to offer. 
  • Business Reports: - An annual report to present to investors, customers, stakeholders and prospects can be a confusing mish-mash or it can be smooth, sleek and commanding document that adds to the professionalism of your business and prevails over any doubts. Call us to discuss how we can prepare one for your individual needs. 
  • And a whole lot more.

  • To organise a Business Writing Package designed for your specific needs please Contact Us:

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