For many years we have worked with students within the Autism spectrum, those with juvenile justice issues, those with accelerated and supported learning needs and more. And while these students gave us privileged insights into their needs and wants they also gave us a greater understanding of what it takes to be an insightful, giving and inspired teacher and guide. 

Our Philosophy has developed into one that supports us when we say and mean: 

Write-Ink produces Educational Material that assists teachers in providing the highest standards of  texts and deliverables to students whose desire to learn is heightened by our targeted works.

Please peruse the details on the texts below and feel free to Contact Us for more information if necessary.

Texts and Material

Science Teacher's Salvation VI - Electricity & Magnetism


  Over 20 easy-to-set-up experiments which explore the nature of Electricity and Magnetism

  • Exp 1: The Magnetic Field of a Bar Magnet
  • Exp 2: The Compass and the Bar Magnet
  • Exp 3: Let's Make Our Own Magnetic Compass
  • Exp 4: Creating and Destroying Temporary Magnets
  • Exp 5: Create a Large Demonstration Compass Needle
  • Exp 6: The Indian Magnet Trick
  • Exp 7: Let's Make Our Own Electro-Magnet
  • Exp 8: One Wire - Two Magnets
  • Exp 9: Mapping the Magnetic of an Electrified Wire
  • Exp 10: Creating a Solenoid or 'Sucking' Magnet
  • EXp 11: Melting Moments with the Fuse
  • Exp 12: Conductors and Insulators
  • Exp 13: Construct a Series Circuit Containing 2 Light Globes
  • Exp 14: Construct a Parallel Circuit Containg 2 Light Globes
  • Exp 15: A Combined Parallel & Series Circuit
  • Exp 16: An Electromagnetic Buzzer
  • Exp 17: Detecting the Presence of Static Electricity
  • Exp 18: Identify Positive & Negative Charges Using a Simple Electroscope
  • Exp 19: Charging an Electroscope by Contact
  • Exp 20: Charging an Electroscope by Conduction
  • Includes student assessment items and instructions
  • Basic equipment and supplies sufficient for experiment completion
  • Handy hints to streamline successful experiments
  • Suitable for use as blackline masters or with interactive whiteboards
  • Recommended for Years 6-10
  • Designed in accordance with the NATIONAL SCIENCE CURRICULUM 

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Science Teacher's Salvation VII - Safety & Basic Apparatus


  Over 25 easy to set up experiments which explore the necessities for teaching and understanding basic safety in the school lab

  • Exp 1: Common Sense Rules for Safe Science Activities
  • Exp 2: Safety and Use of the Bunsen Burner
  • Exp 3: Safely Heating and Cooling a Tripod and Gauze Mat
  • Exp 4: Basic 2-D Scientific Drawing and Equipment ID
  • Exp 5: Correct and Accurate Use of the Thermometer
  • Exp 6: The Ancient Art of Boiling Water
  • Exp 7: The Scientific Method - the Fair Test
  • Exp 8: Evaporating Water from a Test Tube or Beaker
  • Exp 9: Calculating the Mass of Salt in Seawater
  • Exp 10: More Separation Techniques
  • Exp 11: Separation by Chromatography
  • Exp 12: Observing the Properties of Common Liquids
  • Exp 13: Reacting Two Elements to Form a Compound
  • Exp 14: Observing the Effects When Mixing Chemical Solutions
  • Exp 15: Classification of Objects - Dichotomous Charts
  • Exp 16: Introduction to the Microscope
  • Exp 17: Simple Staining Techniques for Microscope Specimens
  • Exp 18: Fire Ratings for Common Clothing Materials
  • Exp 19: Accuracy in Linear Measurement
  • Exp 20: Measuring Volume Using Displacement Techniques
  • Exp 21: The Pendulum: Timing Regular Motion
  • Exp 22: Using a Lever Balance to Calculate Mass
  • Exp 23: Exploring the Relationship Between Mass and Weight
  • Exp 24: Comparing the Density of Different Materials
  • Exp 25: Measuring Weight Using a Hacksaw Blade
  • Exp 2: General Safety, the Scientific Process and Introduction to Basic Apparatus
  • Exp 3: General Safety
  • Exp 4: 
  • Includes student assessment items and instructions
  • Basic equipment and supplies list sufficient for experiment completion
  • Handy hints to streamline successful experiments
  • Suitable for use as blackline masters or with interactive whiteboards
  • Recommended for Years 6-10 
  • Designed in accordance with the NATIONAL SCIENCE CURRICULUM

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Aesop's Fables VI - The Fable, The Play and the Classroom Exercises.


 Volume 1

Fables 1 – 25

  1. The Fox and the Grapes
  2. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg
  3. The Cat and the Mice
  4. The Mischievous Dog
  5. The Charcoal-Burner and the Fuller
  6. The Mice in Council
  7. The Bat and the Weasels
  8. The Dog and the Sow
  9. The Fox and the Crow
  10. The Horse and the Groom
  11. The Wolf and the Lamb
  12. The Peacock and the Crane
  13. The Cat and the Birds
  14. The Spendthrift and the Swallow
  15. The Old Woman and the Doctor
  16. The Moon and her Mother
  17. Mercury and the Woodman
  18. The Ass, The Fox, and the Lion
  19. The Lion and the Mouse
  20. The Crow and the Pitcher
  21. The Boys and the Frogs
  22. The North Wind and the Sun
  23. The Mistress and her Servants
  24. The Goods and the Ills
  25. The Hares and the Frogs


Each Fable contains:

  1. Fable
  2. Class Play of the fable
  3. Discussion Questions
  4. Comprehension Questions
  5. Extended Vocab Exercises
  6. Compose Text Exercises

Arranged and Compiled by   Write-Ink 

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Silver Service Employment Kit


This applicant's guide to gaining preference in selection of candidates has been widely purchased across the country and into New Zealand with excellent results. 

Some of what you'll receive:

  • How to write a winning resume
  • What NOT to include in your details
  • The mistakes to avoid when interviewing
  • Make the internet your ally in research; insider information and savvy skills
  • KNOW what employers are looking for
  • Plan your successful career from the start
  • Complete Interview Guide
  • Cover letters 
  • Selection Criteria
  • To video or not to  video
  • After the interview

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SNAP Same Sound Skills

Some days it's as though English becomes the adversary and not the ally.

Some days the English language itself can be the biggest barrier to success for your students. So many words are similar, spelt the same but pronounced in up to three different ways. It can be a nightmare for not only native speakers but those for whom English is a second language. 

In this fun and comprehensive guide to Homonyms, Homophones and Similes students use worksheets to: 

  • Discover the real definitions of words
  • Analyse different meanings in context
  • Write their own interpretation of the words
  • Use various exercises in which to locate, define and contextualise variations of the words
  • Devise their own creative applications

For teachers it's an excellent way in which to provide extra information and practice sheets without holding up whole-class time. 

These worksheets are also an excellent homework resource and end of session exercise for those who have finished a task early. 

Students will find that these can be an invaluable tool for family information and discussion. 


100 Most Commonly Misspelt Words


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Common English Sayings & Idioms


We have all seen how embarrassing it can be when  you get things wrong in daily conversations. Idioms and saying within the English language can be notorious for this. s

In these fun and easy-to-use worksheets students can discover and use everyday sayings and idioms that will increase their vocabulary, encourage their fluency and de-mystify confusing sayings. 

Students will: 

  • Increase their vocabulary
  • Gain confidence in their speaking and conversation skills
  • Be able to express themselves with more fluency and expertise
  • Develop their writing and comprehension skills
  • Enjoy their language more fully    

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