Writing for Profit

This popular course has sold over 500 times...

Become a Professional Writer with a Six-Part Online Downloadable 'Writing for Profit' Course. 

  1. Module 1: Introduction to Genres and Styles - finding your fit. 
  2. Module 2: Setting up your writing business to best suit your needs and space. 
  3. Module 3: How to Acquire Clients who love you and want repeat business
  4. Module 4: The Nuts and Bolts - marketing and growing your brand
  5. Module 5: One book. One client. A year's salary
  6. Module 6: Hiring contract workers to keep up with demand

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Once upon a time, you dreamed of being a professional writer, but your most creative offering was the weekly shopping list. With Write-Ink you could cash in on your passion with a 'Writing for Profit' online writing course. You'll receive six online downloadable modules that will teach you how to make money from writing. You'll learn how to capitalise on your own style, whether it's fiction or non-fiction, creative writing, business, commercial or academic writing. The course covers how to set up your writing business, market yourself, how to acquire great clients and how to become the expert everyone wants to hear from. Cash in on your flair for the written word with this novel deal. The End.

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